I Give Up!!

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Before you give up please consider giving Mint Grip Golf Grips a try. While we can’t guarantee you will improve or enjoy a round of golf more we can help to make sure the grip is not your problem. We have been in business for over 40 years making golf grips. We now make what we consider the best grip … Read More

Breaking The 20’s Handicap Barrier

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The proper grip on any club will always help reduce the average players score. Mint Grip has spent many years making other companies grips and now we are selling the best of all the different designs to you. We have narrowed our designs down to a simulated leather wrap one piece injection molded grip. We us a proprietary blend of … Read More

Without A Grip – There Is No Swing

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While this is not entirely true we at Mint Grip Golf Grips take pride in making sure your golf grip is the last thing you are concentrating on during your swing. A soft tacky yet responsive grip is what we focus on. Using our proprietary blend of elastomers Mint Grip has created a playable long lasting grip that allows the … Read More